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Learning to Live Life From a More Powerful Place

When we live in fear and self-defense, it can feel like we're battling our way through life. We find ourselves going for the next big thing, missing out on the miracles hidden in the subtly of the everyday. This way of being can feel like a never-ending loop of disappointment. Discovering your Essence can help you learn how to come from a more powerful place, claiming your worthiness and showing up as you were always meant to.

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Discovering Your Essence is a two-part coaching experience where we partner together to understand where your fear and self-defense are getting in the way of truly experiencing life. 


Once you have better knowledge of how these "survival mechanisms" work, you can begin to see how they subconsciously operate in your day-to-day life.

When you are aware of your Essence, it can open up more possibilities because you begin to see yourself in your power. You're no longer making decisions from a place of self-defense and fear. When you live from your Essence you can see what's available to you, eliminating the belief that there's only one way to live.

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Why Discover Your Essence?

Discovering Your Essence is a great introduction to coaching or on its own as a powerful exercise to create positive change in your life.

"I had a session with life coach Graeme Lawrence
recently to help me connect on a deeper level to my true essence, how others perceive me and how I show up in the world." - L.M.

Discovering Your Essence is $150 (2hr session)

Connect with me to learn more, or book your first Essence call now!

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