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As a certified PMBIA instructor, I offer beginner and intermediate lessons for both cross country and downhill mountain biking on Vancouver Island.


Lessons are available on Saturday afternoons, with packages available for up to 6 lessons.

We meet at Cobble Hill, Mount Tzouhalem, or Maple Mountain, in the Cowichan Valley, and Jordie Lunn Bike Park in the West Shore.


Private Lessons

1:1 mountain bike lessons for the adventure enthusiast looking to learn how to mountain bike or enhance existing skills.

$175 for 1 lesson (2 hrs)

$225 for 1 lesson (3 hrs) 

$450 for 6 Lessons (1.5 hrs)

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Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons for up to 2 people who are looking to learn how to mountain bike or enhance existing skills.

$300 for 1 lesson (3hrs)

$750 for 6 Lessons (1.5 hrs)

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Mountain Biking Lessons

During our lessons, you will be learning four different skills using the IDEA Method from PMBIA, each skill building on the previous one. Position and balance are the foundation of your biking knowledge.

  1. Position and Balance (stability, proper riding positions, learning how to climb and descend the mountain safely)

  2. Operation of Controls (efficiency, shifting, braking, speed control)

  3. Terrain Awareness (trail scanning, field of vision, decision making, assessing obstacles)

  4. Direction Control (cornering, maintaining direction, complete direction change)

In each hands-on lesson, you can anticipate learning a new skill and practicing it throughout that ride. You'll also learn trail riding standards and etiquette as a conscious rider.


When your lessons are complete, you'll have gained confidence as a mountain bike rider, understand basic bike mechanics, and have knowledge of the local trails.

  • A beginner is learning to acquire skills and an intermediate is consolidating and refining skills.

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It's important to have the right gear for a fun and safe ride. Here are the requirements for learning these modern mountain biking techniques.

  • CSA Approved helmet or equivalent

  • Modern mountain bike with front suspension, no department store bikes, as they won't withstand the impact of roots, rocks, and other trail debris.

  • Knee pads, full-finger gloves, and camelback water carrier are mandatory. 

I am remote wilderness first aid certified

and PMBIA certified.


"I had the pleasure of taking private lessons with Graeme. His energetic, patient and helpful approach made me feel like a safer and more confident rider. He helped me to tighten up my cornering, brake more smoothly, and climb with more consistency. Thanks Graeme!"

- Heather E.

Ready to Ride?

If you have questions about mountain biking lessons, please reach out.

I am an instructor with Cowichan Valley's Dirt Groms. If you're ready to book complete your online registration, waiver, and payment by clicking the button below.

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