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Girl in the Woods


Getting into nature to explore the stillness within, outside of the craziness of life, allows you to access your deep inner wisdom. Join me on this 6 hour day retreat where we will explore how to establish a deeper connection with life by nourishing your body and revitalizing your senses. 

Broken Trunk

The day is designed to shift your awareness of how you experience life. Together, we will partner to create what you envision moving forward. 

Sunday Retreats incorporate:


Power Coaching



Visioning and Journalling


Self care is a way of being, yet so many of us see it as something we fit in every so often, if there's time. If you've been feeling tired, overwhelmed or lost in the chaos of life lately, this is your chance to hit the reset button. By allowing the body to relax in nature, it automatically heightens our senses and clears our overthinking monkey mind. When you pair that with intentionally tapping into the source of wellbeing, you create an experience unlike any other!

Waterfall in nature

Sunday Retreats are booked on a first come first served basis. They are best suited for one person or one couple who are working on a similar vision for life.

This time is well used for those who are wanting to create shifts in relationships, career, or living circumstances; for those who want to increase happiness and enjoyment of life, deepen their self awareness, and understand their purpose.

I invite you to book a call with me to learn more about how a Sunday Retreat will benefit the harmony in your life. 

Want to join me for this tailored personal adventure?

Let's start co-creating with a discovery call!

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